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    Gundam models do not require glue or paint, however sometimes gunpla modellers will apply an overcoat, lacquer or weathering to perfect the model.

    Perfect Grade 1/60 (PG) - These kits usually stand about 30cm tall and include amazing levels of detail, with working hatches and panels all over the kit.

    Master Grade 1/100 (MG) - These kits are 1/100 scale, meaning the MG RX-78 Gundam would stand around 18cm tall. MG kits have fantastic levels of detail, many kits have inner detail and functioning hatches and panels.

    High Grade 1/144 (HG) - These kits are 1/44 scale, meaning that an 18 metre tall Gundam would stand around 12.5cm tall. These kits come with detailing decals.

    Real Grade 1/144 (RG) - These kits are the same scale as the High Grade kits however have much more noticable detail. RG kits have an inner frame construction onto which you layer the armour and external parts.tall

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