Mafia de Cuba

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    In Mafia de Cuba players take on the roles of henchmen, drivers, thieves and government agents, each trying to take a piece of the pie that the godfather has worked so hard to build. It'll be up to the head of this crime family to determine who they can trust and who has been sticking their fingers into the pot.

    Up to 12 gangsters can take part in this tense, hilarious bluffing game. Remembering what loot was left when it gets to you will be key if want to get away with ripping off the Don or you can try to catch him in a sting with an FBI or CIA agent.

    This game proves there's no honor among thieves.

    Players 6-12
    Age 14+
    Playtime 10-20mins

    15 plastic diamonds
    10 character tokens
    2 joker tokens
    1 game box
    1 felt bag
    1 rulebook

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