Kotobukiya HMM ZOIDS 1/72 RZ-007 Shield Liger DCS-J

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    The newest addition to the Kotobukiya "ZOIDS" line-up is here with the majestic RZ-007 Shield Liger DCS-J.
    This 1/72 comes roaring in with excellent power and performance.
    This comes as a re-design, with most parts, such as the armor and frames, reproduced in newly molded colors. The body of the Shield Liger is completely movable and posable, giving flexibility to display. Deployed as a set of two, the double beam canons extend out to give the Shield Liger an excellent fighting image. Plastic Model Kit Scale: 1/72 Size: Approx. L350mm

    Copyright TOMY ZOIDS is a trademark of TOMY Company,Ltd.and used under license.

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