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    2-6 players (1-12 with included variant book)


    8+ players age


    30min playing length


    Puzzle, Strategy , Family game play




    COGZ is a mad scientist strategy board game set in the steampunk era, where someone has broken the mad professor’s chromatic cogtraption!

    You are a cognizant cogineer trying to repair the broken cogtraption before the professor returns. The other cogineers all seem to think they have the superior cognition needed to rebuild the chromatic device. It’s time to prove you are the true cogineer genius!
Hurry! You recognise there isn’t much time to do this incognito before the professor returns with his cog-nac…

    Game Play:

    Cogineers are all swapping segments of the broken cogtraption to repair it. As long as the segment is different, cogineers gain cognition (game points) for doing so. When a mechanism is repaired fully it can no longer be modified by the other cogineers who all have their own agenda for repairs. There is bonus cognition and bonus turns to be awarded for clever repairs as well.

    COGZ is a very simple game though it hides a huge amount of strategic depth which is normally discovered as cogineers gain experience.


    - 8 variants included with the game

    - Mensa endorsed

    - Colour blind accessible

    - Very high quality artwork and components

    - Wide age range (Parents can play with their kids)

    - Wide skill range (light to serious strategy)


    Game Box

    Rule Book

    Variant Book (8 Variants)

    Drawstring Bag (Brass print and cord)

    Tiles (70)

    Score Boards (6)

    Cognition Nuts (12)

    Scoring Tokens (24)

    Game Gadget (4-boards with functional gears)

    Interscrews (4-solid brass)


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