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    This set contains:

    1x Tyrant – a ruthless ogor commander who’ll empower the units in this set to fight even harder.

    12x Ogor Gluttons – greedy, rampaging ogor warriors armed with your choice of weapons.

    4x Leadbelchers – ranged units who support the Ogor Mawtribes with fusillades of scrap metal.

    4x Ironguts – elite ogor shock troops, heavily armed and armoured for maximum power.

    1x Aleguzzler Gargant – a drunken behemoth who adds even more raw might to your force.

    1x Ironblaster / Gnoblar Scraplauncher – your choice of a mighty cannon or gnoblar-powered catapult.

    A variety of additional gnoblars in a range of styles. You can use these to decorate the bases of your ogors, or, if you like, base them up to build a unit of these screeching horrors.


    This set is supplied in 677 plastic components and comes with 20x 25mm round bases, 1x 50mm round bases, 1 large oval base, 1x 90mm oval bases, and 20x 40mm round bases.

    Ballarat - $279.00
    Bendigo - $279.00
    Geelong - $279.00
    Werribee - $279.00

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