Conquest: Spires: Founder's Exclusive 2021 The Legacies of the Ark

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    Sculpted by Michael Kontraros, our Spire Founder’s Exclusive - The Legacies of the Ark - depicts a Lineage Highborn Elder in all his twisted glory. His Avatar projection, already a masterpiece of biomantic expertise, has been enhanced by it’s rider with proprietary knowledge available only to his Lineage, resulting in an inhumanly efficient killing machine that mirrors the twisted psyche of it’s owner

    1 resin deluxe sculptures crafted by Michael Kontraros that is completely playable in game , sequentially numbered to 400 (350 for sale, 50 for prize support in 2022)

    Ballarat - $260.99
    Bendigo - $260.99
    Geelong - $260.99
    Werribee - $260.99

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