80-14-60 Generals Handbook 2019

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    The General’s Handbook is an essential update for all gamers in the Mortal Realms, packed with content for every kind of player. Expanding on the core rules, it’s an essential companion to matched play, toolbox for open play and treasure trove for narrative play all in one!

    Inside this year’s softback General’s Handbook, you'll find…
    New rules for open play
    New rules for narrative play
    New rules for matched play
    Conquest Unbound – updated allegiance abilities, including battle traits, command traits and artefacts of power for Darkling Covens, Dispossessed, Free Peoples, Seraphon, Wanderers, Slaves to Darkness, and Ironjawz

    Pitched Battle Profiles – a separate, 32-page booklet containing pitched battle points values, unit sizes and battlefield roles for the units you can use in games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, also including scenery, endless spells, Compendium and Forge World models

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