Through the Desert

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    For centuries, Tuareg merchants established and maintained trade throughout the Sahara Desert to facilitate commerce between cities in West and North Africa. Mount your camel and take charge of your own tribe in Through the Desert, a thrilling game of surviving in the desert for two to five players! This version of the Reiner Knizia classic sports a modern look that will appeal to longtime fans and new players alike as they vie for the best trade routes in this region of the wilderness. Expand your caravans wisely by making use of the scattered waterholes and gain access to as many oases as you can. In this harsh environment, only the strong survive!

    Key Selling Points

    • The classic Reiner Knizia game of surviving in the desert returns with an updated look for a new generation of gaming

    • Explore the shifting sands of the Sahara in search of valuable sources of water with 175 brightly colored camels

    • Features a two-sided board, allowing you to explore the Niger river running through the southern Sahara

    • Includes several variants to customize your games of Through the Desert

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