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    Preorder- due June 2020

    Kickstarter edition includes Module 0 (bundled in core box), Module 1 and Module 2. This is the "complete space explorer" pledge.

    This is the 4th edition of Phil Eklund's signature game High Frontier.  It all started with Rocket Flight. This game had the ambition to let  "Each player start as a space faring company in the year 2020 trying to  make a profit in trade and technology development." We are now at 2020 and High Frontier 4 All will turn High Frontier  into
    • a more accessible game, using introductory games that introduce the mechanics step by step as well as tutorials and a lot of illustrated examples and strategy tips.
    • a game system, open for additions and modules. This will enable the active and brilliant community around High Frontier to evolve it continuously and for us to honor them by publishing modules that Phil deem worthy.
    The game comes in a Core box, which contains the previous edition's  basic and advanced rules. The rules have been given a complete overhaul  in order to make them watertight and accessible. The Core box also includes Module 0 -Politics.
    Modules of additional game content will be published over time that adds gameplay and  mechanics to the game.
    Module 1

    This terawatt module introduces two new patent decks: Freighters (1B) and GW Thrusters (1C). Freighters are a new type of patent card allowing the transport of valuable factory goods back to LEO. GW thrusters are more powerful and efficient versions of the MW thrusters of the core game, allowing your Spacecraft to reach the outer planets more easily. This module also optionally introduces Futures, special game goals to earn victory points.

    Module 1 adds the following components:

    1. 1 Drawer Box 160mmx255mmx30mm  
    2. 1 Rules booklet (24 pages)  (210 x 148.5 mm, portrait) 
    3. 5 Player board Extensions(108 x 148.5 mm) (Freighter) Rounded corners 
    4. 5 big wooden cubes (in 5 player colors) for freighters (12 mm)
    5. 30 golden plastic discs for Isotope FT  (12 mm)
    6. 10 wooden stars (Orange 20 mm) for futures.
    7. 8 wooden sticks for Space Elevators (Gray, 4mmx4mmx20mm)
    8. 14 cards ( 57x89mm ivorycore)
      1. 7 GW Thrusters 
      2. 7 Freighter Fleets 
    9. 4 Ziplock bag (100x150mm)

    Module 2

    This colonization module introduces orbital space colonies called Bernals (2B) and space pioneers called Colonists (2C). These two types of cards extend the core game to go beyond industrializing and exploiting the resources of the solar system to colonizing and settling the solar system. Bernals upgrade your Colonies to give you extra VP, according to the Hydration of nearby Factories. They also award Colonists, which you can take to Sites to perform extra Operations there.

    Module 2 adds the following components:

      1. 1 Drawer Box 160mmx255mmx30mm  
      2. 10 Bernal Cards. These cards represent the possible Bernals that can be built. These cards are White-Side / Purple-Side. The Purple-Side is a more advanced Lab version that includes a Future. 
      3. 18 Colonist Cards 
      4. 10 Bernal Figures (2 of each player color). These Figures represents 2 types of orbital space colony designs (Kalpana & Stanford), used to house the families of your employed Colonists. 
      5. Wooden Stick for Space Elevators (Gray, 4mmx4mmx20mm)

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