The Colonists

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    The Colonists is a strategy and development game on an epic scale that you can adapt to your personal taste. The game takes place over several years and multiple eras, as players try to grow their settlement into the largest and most valuable in all the land.
    Players must recruit workers, find jobs for them, educate them and eventually move them into more advanced professions as the Eras march on. Farmers will become citizens and from there can progress and become wealthy merchants. Find the right path for your colony to grow and prosper through the Eras and earn the Emperor’s favor!

    62 Places tiles
    202 Building tiles
    72 Embassy tiles
    8 Warehouse extension tiles
    36 Storage Facilities tiles
    4 Market tiles
    4 Basic Storage Upgrade tiles
    1 Starting Player tile
    16 Steward tokens (in 4 different colors)
    120 Colonist meeples
    55 Dollar tokens (various denominations)
    40 Tool tokens
    440 Resource tokens (brick, coal, robes, wood, clay, ore, planks, iron, food)
    140 Improvement cards
    28 Market cards
    4 Balance cards

    A Game by Tim Puls
    Game type: Worker placement, city building, resource management

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