Reign: The Card Game

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    Reign: The Card Game is a game of negotiation and deceit for 3 to 7 players. Its strategic and diplomatic game-play is both easy to learn and hard to master. Players take the role of a lord or lady vying after the kingdom of Kazath after a tragic "accident" left Kazath's previous ruler without an heir and without a head.

    The key to victory is holding the Onyx Crown, the symbol of rulership. Gain the Onyx Crown or help someone else take it and you earn legitimacy, gain 9 legitimacy points and hold the Onyx Crown to be named the new rightful ruler of Kazath.

    But first, you must gain the backing of a house. Secretly bidding for a house's support. With a house by your side you must convince the others why it would benefit them if you were to hold the Crown and become Regent for the turn. Using bribery, promises and your lordly cunning. Deploy your army secretly on the field. Supporting yourself, or perhaps another. Finally, when your army emerges victorious take the Onyx Crown and be named Regent. Distributing rewards to those who are loyal to you. But beware, loyalties can change swiftly, those who may seem like your allies could actually be your greatest threat.

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